Weekly calendar, monthly overviews, income & expense tracking, social shares tracking for bigger reach & more all in one sleek planner.

The birth of Organizada came about when writing a post in 2014 about getting and staying organized using Microsoft Office 365, for which, full-disclosure, I am a Champion/Blog Ambassador. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I’d created the footprint for Organizada. The extra downloads and organizational tools came naturally as supplements to the main organizer, all focused squarely on helping bloggers keep the main aspects of their businesses contained and running smoothly: editorial calendar, financials, planning, brainstorming, metrics, and reporting.  


Organizada is now poised to come from my musings about organization and into the hands of those that work online but still like traditional paper and pen to plan their business lives. It's a planning tool that allows you to keep every aspect of your blogging life on target down to the hour of the day. It's also timeless in the aspect that there are no calendar months or years printed on the planner, so you start right where you are in the month and date you receive it. The Organizada Planner contains 12 blank months' worth of full-color pages along with weekly pages to track editorial features, sponsored posts, brainstorming sessions, and an extra step: writing down your all-important mantra for the week which is designed to give you a weekly focus to achieve your goals.

Everything you need to plan to succeed with your blog can finally be found in this one blogging planner. Take your business to the next level with this timely tool, which includes:  

  • Blog-at-a-Glance: record your blog analytics and social media following in an easy-to-follow reporting space.
  • Month-at-a-Glance: planning pages containing slots for goals, desired performance outcome, blog topics, a sponsored post grid, and a lessons learned section.
  • Monthly Calendar: track and view your entire month of activities on one page.
  • Income and Expenses: this running list of records makes for better bookkeeping and a happier tax time.
  • Weekly Calendar: a planning page where posts can be scheduled, brainstorming sessions can be recorded, and any revenue-generating activities can be tracked.  Don’t forget to write down your mantra for the week!
  • Social Media Tracking: a place to discover how often you should be sharing, which platforms are providing the most ROI, and where you should you focus your efforts. All the answers are here!
  • BONUS FEATURES: Buyers will be able to track conference and expenses as well as social media shares for posts with Excel spreadsheets delivered to their inbox after purchase/pledge!