The Birth of Organizada

This project came from my need to stay organized and become a successful blogger and business person. I have many roles in my life, and running my blog is just one part of it. Maintaining its organization is extremely important in order to create balance for my work, my life, and my child.

I’ve also helped so many fellow bloggers and business owners get organized around these principles that it seemed time to spread their success with a larger audience, meaning you! Being an organizational coach, I have the great pleasure of helping others in key areas of their lives. Organizada is the creation of one central tool that allows me to counsel other blogging business owners in keeping their businesses moving flawlessly. You'll never be able to advance your business if you're constantly trying to get organized, and this is the tool that will help you not only survive running a blog, but become a thriving blogging success!

What's With the Elephant?

The elephant first came to the 'hood as part of my logo. It signified the protection that elephants give their young and the fact that they are such caring parents. Also, they can get tough when need be.The elephant on the planner? Well, that's because elephants are so good at remembering things and it just seemed to go right along with the purpose of this planner.